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Last Update: 2005-06-30
Latest News
05/06/30 - A breath of life.
Currently im toying with a few things... One project nearly finished is an system for dynamic tray notifications and applets. It is not yet ready for release, but in the meanwhile while I am completing it you can have a look at some pictures showing the whole thing in action. If you want to add support for it in your application(s); feel free to contact me for a development kit.

I released a new version of Zapper, fresh from the oven. I also updated my workbench page for the first time in a loooong time. :)

Updated the About Me page again. I also added a new application for MorphOS called Zapper. (Updated TWICE today actually...) Hope you all enjoy it. Merry christmas!

A tiny update this time... Upon popular demand I have added a picture of my pegasos system at the About Me page. Enjoy!

Yesterday I managed to get the front-panel USB ports working using a USB hub modification on the Aria case.

Major design changes to the whole site made today. It now looks alot better, don't you think?

I recently bought an Antec Aria MicroATX cube case for my pegasos, and I'm so pleased with it that I decided to write a short review of this splendid little case.

Added a new project page for ColdRebootPatch. (This one is for MorphOS only). Jump to it for more infromation of what it's all about. Also cleaned up THIS page a bit and moved all the oldest news to a seperate file.

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Yes! You have reached the homepage of ChaoZer. You can find alot of stuff on this homepage, but mainly my coding projects. If you want to reach me you can drop me a mail at chaozer (AT) algonet (DOT) se. You can also find me on IRC at any ArcNet or IRCNet server on #amihelp, #morphos, and #onyxsoft, under the nick ChaoZer.