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Last Update: 2002-10-24
WarpSDL.library is a new shared library for future games/applications. It has its own custom command set, while at the same time supporting standard SDL commands, for easy porting. It is written entirely from scratch.

The main reason for me writing this in the first place was to port ScummVM to AmigaOS without having to suffer from the speed-penalty that the normal SDL gives.

Changes since last release:
* Added support for timed events.
* Added support for audio cd's using direct-scsi. Also added the env-var(s) DEF_CDX_NAME to control the behaviour.
* Preliminary support for joysticks, cd32pads & psxpads (psxport.device).
* Extended the SDL commands-set and WarpSDL command-set.
* Smarter subtask-signalling implemented.
* Depth and close gadgets added to wb-window displays.
* Preliminary datatypes support added.
* There was a memory leak when using 15bit+ displays, fixed.
* More misc stuff related to 15bit+ displays fixed.
* Implemented pixel-mapping.
* Double buffering can now be forced on AGA screens, even if the application uses single-buffering... (As it looks crap otherwise... ;) Use the DEF_FORCEDBUFFAGA env-var to enable this.
* Many more fixes and improvements.

Read the guide-document in the newest archive for the complete history.

The following is inlcuded:
* Direct cybergraphics (Works great under P96 also).
* AGA support in 8bit mode.
* Window-mode on 15bit+ dsiplays.
* Full-screen support.
* AHI support for sound.
* Thread/subtask support.
* PPC (WarpOS) support.
* Supports joysticks, cd32pads and psxpads.
* Supports CD audio.
* +More.

Developer information for the WarpSDL package will hopefully be available one day ;).
Programs using WarpSDL
The following programs use WarpSDL.library.

The following planned programs will use WarpSDL.library.
WarpSCI (Allready in the works)
Date Archive Version Executable
2002.10.24 WarpSDL 68K/WarpOS User Archive 0.4 AmigaOS 68K/PPC(WOS) Download Readme
2002.02.22 WarpSDL 68K/WarpOS User Archive 0.3 AmigaOS 68K/PPC(WOS) Download Readme
2002.02.18 WarpSDL 68K/WarpOS User Archive 0.2r2 AmigaOS 68K/PPC(WOS) Download Readme
2002.02.17 WarpSDL 68K/WarpOS User Archive 0.2 AmigaOS 68K/PPC(WOS) Download Readme
2002.02.09 WarpSDL 68K User Archive 0.1 AmigaOS 68K Download Readme
Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
Q: Heeeeeeelp! Many WarpSDL applications crash!
A: This is mostly stack related, as unix applications often use alot of stack. (I recommend installing StackAttack, or to just raise the stack before runing a WarpSDL application. If this doesnt solve it, install a ramlib patch. If it still doesnt work, email me! ;)

Q: Why doesn't CD-Audio work!
A: Incompatible cd-roms. If you think you own one of theese drives that WarpSDL doesnt seem to work with, please drop me a mail describing the model and brand, and also what device you are using together with your cd-rom drive.