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Last Update: 2005-06-30
Old News
Edited the "Other Coding" page a bit and cleaned it up... Also, all pages on this site should now be HTML 4.01 transitional... Other pages that have been updated in the same go are the "About Me" and "My Workbench" pages.

A new version of XMasBench released. It now also supports wb/ambient screens that have the screenbar disabled. Sorry about that ;)

It's almost christmas; so time for an update. I have added a project page for XMasBench, it's an old revived program that me and Martin Ejdestig did back in 99. I have uploaded it with misc bugfixes and improvements... And I also added a MorphOS executable to the archive. Enjoy!
I have also cleaned up and updated some other pages on the site :). Other than that I am glad to report that both MusicMix and WarpSDL are hopefully soon ready for a release, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime I have only one thing to say: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Updated the whole site and added CyberLemmings 1.1 to the CyberLemmings page.

Released and added WarpSDL 0.4 and WarpSCUMM 0.2.0, with many improvements and features. Also updated the homepage a bit... :)

Released and added WarpSDL 0.3 to the WarpSDL page.

Oops, WarpSDL 0.2r2 with a fixed installation script released and added to the WarpSDL page.

Updated the WarpSDL and WarpSCUMM pages and uploaded new versions. Both projects now have PPC support (WOS) and AGA/windowmode has been added to WarpSDL.

Totaly redesigned and updated :). (Keeping alot of the old design tho, I also added a list of my projects, and project pages for CyberLemmings, WarpSCUMM and WarpSDL.library.

Updated "AsmPro.lha" at the "Assembler Page" with the newest version.

Updated the "Assembler Tutorial Page" and added Part7 to it.

Updated all the pages, as this is now an "" page. You can now reach the page at theese urls:

Updated the "Assembler Page" and added a few new downloads. I also rearanged the "Other Coding Page" and added new downloads there also.

Updated the "Party Page" and removed the inactive links.

Changed the tables of the homepage, now the homepage should work on virtually any browser out there.

Fixed an error in Part5 of my Assembler tutorial, I also added Part6 to the "Assembler Tutorial Page" & updated the "Misc Links Page".

Updated the "Assembler Page" & "Blitz Basic Page" & I also added new downloads.

I just got aware of that the October issue of CU Amiga will be the last one ever. Therefore I tell all you Amiga owners out there to mail the editor and the publisher and tell them NOT to abandon this great mag. If nothing is done, the "now biggest" Amiga magazine will die!

The homepage just got a new design, and is now totally rewritten. Enjoy!

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