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Last Update: 2003-08-27
CyberLemmings Grab! CyberLemmings adds themeable pets to your wb, that fall, walk and climb on your windows, jump with a skipping-rope, and even teleport themselves between windows on the workbench screen. Its provided with a 68K AmigaOS executable and a MorphOS one.

Finally you have a few friends that keep you company when no-one else will.
Date Archive Version Executable
2003.08.27 CyberLemmings 1.1 MorphOS/AmigaOS 68K Download Readme
2002.01.10 CyberLemmings 1.0 MorphOS/AmigaOS 68K Download Readme
2001.12.20 CyberLemmings 1.0 2 MorphOS/AmigaOS 68K Download Readme