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Last Update: 2005-01-21
Workbench Page
You have reached my wokbench page, here you can find snapshots of my wb, and different archives that you can download, to improve your wb!

The workbench snaps are thumbnailed, so to see the full image, click on the thumbnail.
Workbench Snaps
WBPic2 2005.01.18 This is not Workbench, but Ambient runing on my Pegasos 2 under MorphOS. As you can see CyberLemmings is also runing on this snap, so is Jabberwocky (Jabber client) and AminetRadio (music/stream player). Other apps runing on the screenshots are gelbesPanel and statline.
WBPic2 2004.06.17 This snap is basically the same as the above but about 6 months earlier :) ... There wasn't much that changed as you can see.
WBPic2 2001.10.09 This is a newer snap with Scout, AMP, Tinymeter and Dashboard runing hapilly together with CyberLemmings. (That you can download on this webiste, or from Aminet.)
WBPic1 1998.08.01 Old picture where I use Cybershow to view a picture, and the thing at the right top of the screen is Songplayer, playing an mp3. The nice Shadebob thing in the right corner is a program taken from aminet, called Shadebobs. The toolbar at the bottom is the program Tinymeter, also taken from aminet.
Workbench Improvements
UmIcons V2
This is the iconset I use on the most recent screenshot(s). I find it to be a very special iconset and if you haven't tried it, you should. The link above is for V2 of the KDE theme.
BrainSoup1.lha| BrainSoup2.lha| BrainSoup3.lha| BrainSoup4.lha
Here are one of my favourite set of backgrounds, and I use them very frequently. All the pictures in here are in .png format, so be sure to have a PNG datatype.
Theese are the "so very sexy looking icons" that I use on my older workbench shots. Keep in mind that they are in 64cols, and therefore almost only usable for gfx board owners. (Theese are only drawers.)
Tinymeter is the toolbar at the bottom of my screen (on the older shots), in my opinion, this is the king of its kind. Can be some problems setting this thing up, as there are a few bugs, but when its up and runing, its unreplaceable.
Birdie15.lha| BPrefs.lha
This is the program that gives the windows on the workbench that fantastic look, it lets you put a pattern onto your window borders, altho it has alot more features than this. If you dont like editing the startup files you should get the prefs program :).