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Last Update: 2004-07-08
ColdRebootPatch Requester! This little application patches the ColdReboot() function in exec. It brings up a requester with a ticking timeout when you press CTRL-LCMD-RCMD (if enabled) or when an application calls the ColdReboot() function. It handles reset-handlers (as it still calls the original function once resetting) and it can be configured by passing argumnents to it via a shell or by configuring the tooltypes in the icon.

It is possible to enable "patching" of the keyboard-reset and also change the default timeout of a requester. ColdRebootPatch supports a "whitelist" that lets you disable the patch thus forcing a reboot when a certain task calls it... Applications like HDToolBox and SCSIConfig are natural candidates for this list, as they bring up their own requesters anyway.
Date Archive Version Executable
2004.07.08 ColdRebootPatch 1.3 MorphOS Download Readme