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Last Update: 1998-08-30
Blitz2 Page
You have reached the "Blitz Basic 2 page" on my homepage, where I put utilities and docs for this great basic language!

I have rated all the files here, The files that i find being the best get 5 Data mugshots (Yes, the guy from StarTrek).
This is a great .guide file by Jurgen Valks, consisting of the most common Blitz Basic 2 commands. Great stuff...
This is the BlitzFAQ, its a document in .html format with alot of explanations and answers... The answers you seek might be in here...
This is the ultimate archive for Blitz2, as it adds alot of extra commands to Blitz. A full documentation is included, and even an installation guide. If you dont have this... Get it now!
This is a pretty good extension for Blitz2 by Fantaisie Software. It features a bunch of new commands. One of the best things in here are the great chunky commands. But there is alot more!
Here is a very good archive. It lets you use TCP within Blitz2, and this piece is made by Ercole Spiteri.
This is a great lib if u need new sound options in Blitz2, it adds alot of new features! Now even thoose incompatible PT modules work great!
This is a nice FPU library that lets you use the FPU "directly" in Blitz2.
Triton is an object oriented GUI creation system witch makes it easier to create GUI's in Blitz. Triton GUI's are supposed to be something really special, to bad im used to normal Gadtools then ;).
Here you have an example on how to do Fire, and also how to use C2P within Blitz2, can be very usefull if you want to mix assembler with Blitz2 code.
Here are a few examples on how to use AREXX in Blitz, by Alexander Wingrove.
This one shows you hwo to do a IRC type thingie using TCP in Blitz2, written by Paul Burkey. It includes source for both deamon and server.