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Last Update: 1998-09-16
Assembler Page
Here is the Amiga Assembler page, where you can find assembler sources of demos & different assembler tutorials, and documents.

I have rated all the files here, The files that i find being the best get 5 Data mugshots (Yes, the guy from StarTrek).
This is (in my opinion) the best 68K assembler for the Amiga. It is originaly based on the "core" of AsmPro, and then redone by the author, to add new features. Has all the features of AsmOne, like a built in editor and debugger.
This is the asssembler that AsmPro is based on, it is perfect for you people using only AGA. But if you have a graphics card and want to use cgfx screens, use AsmPro instead.
ArtPro is the ultimate tool for all you guys coding graphical effects, it can save graphics in Pascal/C/Asm code & more. But this utility has alot more interesting posibilities than this, you will have to check it out for yourself!
This is a great disassembler! The only thing that is really missing is a GUI. The source (in c) is included in the package.
This is Crunch 1.4b written by Zero/Balance, and it is a great cruncher that beats both PowerPacker and StoneCracker, in most cases.
This is my favourite Hex editor, and it has most of the features I need. It is a real shame that it does not support cgfx screens.
Here are the "Amiga Machine Language" docs, rewritten from "Abacus Books" by DeeJay/LSD. This is a real gold mine for all assembler coders. This archive contains three different text files.
Here is the "MC 680x0 Reference 1.0", rewritten into a .guide file by, Flint/DARKNESS. This is yet another must for all assembler coders!
Here we have another "must to have" archive, this is the "How To Code 7" package, featuring tips for all assembler coders out there, and showing of nice examples on different "good to know how to do" routines...
This is the full doc for AsmOne, including directives and addressing modes supported. This doc is also suitable for AsmPro.
This is the "Aga guide", written by TFA. It explains all the new features of the AGA chip compared to ECS/OCS, and how to use them.
Here Erik H. Bakke, explains how to use the FPU registers. This is a very usefull document, indeed... To bad its in .txt format.
This is the "Optimizing 680x0 Applications" document, written by Tomas Evensen. This gives a pretty good overview, of what you can do, and not do ;).
This is a pretty good Assembler course for beginners, written in swedish...
This is a pretty good Asm_Course for all you beginners out there, by Geert Coelmont.
"Demokurs" is a demo course in swedish, written by Septic. It is somewhat pretty good, altho it requires thay you allready know your assembler.
Have you ever wanted to be able to use thoose great Digibooster modules in your productions? If so, here is the full source for the DBM Player v2.16, written by Tomasz Piasta. Just include this into your source, and you are ready to rock! :)
Here is the full source of Powerlines intro from TP95 called Apathy. A pretty good demo, they could have included some sort of explanaition to their routines...
This is a useful pack to have, it consists of misc .fd files for the system... Its a bit messy, and inlcudes .fd's for files like, locale.lib, graphics.lib, ramdrive_lib, and so on...