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Last Update: 2004-07-07
Coding Page
This is the coding page that I have set up, it is mostly about algoritms, and examples of different effects. So, if you have ever wondered how to make that cool bumpmapping effect, or similiar, this is the place to be ;). I will update this page frequently.

This page is both you people who really know coding, and for the ones that have just stared to code graphical effects... Ofcourse, the stuff on here is mostly Amiga oriented, who cares about PCs?

I have rated all the files here, The files that i find being the best get 5 Data mugshots (Yes, the guy from StarTrek).
2D Effects
This is SPANK bump, and if you know a bit Amiga/68K assembly, this is really great stuff, it is the full thing, with bumpmap and lightsource and a full code in assembly!
This is a Bumpmap tutorial made by Sqrt(-1), and it features a good explenation of how bumpmapping works, and there is even an "easy to understand", pseudo-code.
This is a tutorial made by Tom Hammersley, and it features a somewhat good explanation of how to make a water effect, it also has a nice pseudo-code so that you understand everything.
This is a tutorial made by Tom Hammersley, and it a pretty good tutorial, including examples.
Here is yet another tutorial made by Tom Hammersley, and this time it is about different fractal types, and how to do them. There are alot of good pseudo-codes in here, and alot of good explanations.
3D Effects
This is a pretty good tutorial about free directional tunnels, by Nick Stealer.
This is a very good voxel tutorial, with alot example code, only thing that really is missing here, are a few illustrations, otherwise this tutorial is great.
Here is a pretty nice tutorial by Tim Clarke, and it features some ascii art, to make you understand the theory behind voxel a bit easier.
Yet another tutorial by Tom Hammersley, this time about 3D bumpmapping. But this time, the tutorial is not as good as the other ones by Tom.
OTMVoxel features some ascii art that pretty well explains what voxels are, but there is alot missing in the explanations.
File Formats
This is a very throughout explanation on how the Lightwave-Scene fileformat is built up. This is a very big .txt file, so i hope your up to alot of reading ;)...
Here is a somewhat good explanation on how a Lightwave-Object file, is built up. This .txt file is not to big, so its not that much to read through.
This is a package containing explanations on the gif87a & gif89a formats. They even inclued ascii art to make you understand easier!
This is a somewhat "short" explanation of the PCX fileformat, wich is somewhat common on wintel mahcines.
This is an text file about the IFF file format. This is a pretty big file and there is alot to read in here.
This is a very good C2P tutorial by Scout/TBL. Need i say more?
Here are a few examples on how to do rnd() easily in assembler, taken directly from the #Amycoders homepage, this one is in HTML.
Here, a few ways of how to calculate a SIN table, are shown, this one is also taken from the #Amycoders homepage.